Max Polyakov Gives Advice on Advanced Dog Training for State Competitions

Max Polyakov on different types of dog training

1. It establishes a good connection

The best method of establishing a nice relationship with dogs is by understanding how they learn. You need to use the correct concepts to make their understanding easy, successful and rewarding. When dogs are coached the right way, they can turn out to be more patient, more self-controlled. Good coaching can also make them behave in a manner that can be easily predicted while competing in state competitions and even in other situations.

2. Learning life skills

A dog needs to be trained how to live in an appropriate manner in the place where they live. A domestic dog like Max Polyakov’s Firefly has an easier life than a dog that is wild. But living in the human beings environment contains several pressures.

3. Enhances the dog’s social interactions

Enhancing dogs’ excitement of interacting with people or other dogs brings them the self-assurance they need to tackle life challenges. Teaching dogs to behave properly and act the right way in any condition they may find themselves in requires so much effort. One needs to be dedicated throughout in order to succeed.

Anyone who owns a dog like Max Polyakov has high expectations for it. Every dog owner would love to see their dog win in competitions and also behave well towards people who get close to it, even when it is feeling uneasy. This is the main reason why it is crucial to interact with a dog by giving it the best encounter in non-identical surroundings, different kinds of people and other animals.

4. Avoids problem behaviours

Teaching a dog establishes a communication language between you and it. If the dog is taught how to live the right way in the presence of human beings, problem behaviours that are brought about by lack of understanding can be minimized. Additional, you will not have a hard time training the dog for a state contest.

5. For obedience and closeness

A dog owner must monitor his dog and note when it does not behave the right way. With this, you will be able to guide the dog towards good decision making. A dog that has excellent decision making skills also has a high chance of doing well in dog contests.

a) Universal dog coaching guidelines

1. Visit a veterinarian

Max Polyakov suggests that dog owners must have the health status of a dog checked first before it is trained for any competition. This is to ensure that the dog is healthy and capable of handling the expected exercises. Additionally, a veterinarian can advice you on the type of training that suits your dog since some competitions are more complex than others.

2. Come up with a practicing schedule

A schedule helps dog owners to stay on track throughout the coaching period. You need to find out what equipment you need and form a command for each of them. It is recommended to also write down the training procedure.

3. Begin the training steadily

It is recommended to begin with simple exercises and they should be done one at a time. Once a dog has mastered all training basics, you can then go on to conduct the tougher activities.

4. Training duration

Unlike human beings, the attention span of dogs is very short especially when they are still new to the training. The longest that the training should last should be 10-15 minutes. Once the dog gets used to the training, you can then increase the duration to around a half an hour. If you train your dog for a long duration of time, it will get exhausted or destructed

5. Warm-ups are important

A warm-up makes the blood flow and it also relaxes the muscles which in turn prevents injury. A warm-up can also increase the energy in a dog making it easy to remain attentive throughout the coaching session. Doing a cool down after the training is equally important because it helps in preventing soreness in muscles and other injuries.

6. Different training styles

Dogs may at times fail to respond well to your method of coaching. In such cases, Max Polyakov recommends that a trainer should come up with a different coaching style. You should keep coming up with new training ways whenever it is necessary until you get what your dog is comfortable with.

7. Join dog coaching clubs

Dog coaching clubs help in gauging the interest of the dog in taking part in a contest that it is being prepared for. Besides that, the coaching club is the perfect place to interact with dog experts such as Max Polyakov who have dog training experience. Such experts provide beneficial training guidelines and other important information regarding state competitions for dogs.

8. Have fun

If you find the dog coaching exercise to be boring, then it is better to quit engaging in it. Coaching your dog should not only be because of a state competition. It should be also a perfect moment for you and your dog to have fun and any time you feel irritated while the training is on, just go for a break.

b) Agility training for dogs

Agility training is among the most fun and the most satisfying exercises for dogs. Any dog which is above eighteen months should engage in it.

The exercise entails guiding your dog through a course while also overcoming obstacles in a planned order and set time. The winner in agility exercise is determined as per the assessors’ skills and expertise.

This exercise enhances the intelligence of a dog, its attentiveness and bodily prowess while also empowering muscles and making the relationship between you and the dog stronger.

Agility exercise has barriers and courses. The amount of barriers and their diversity dictates the amount of effort that a dog will need to put. Some of the barriers include: canvas tunnel, table, fence, bridge and long jump see-saw.

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c) How to coach a dog for a jumping contest

Max Polaykov on jumping contests

Jumping is among the top agility sports which rate the tolerance and speed of dogs. This exercise is highly popular and every dog owner should consider letting his dog take part in it. In the dog jumping contest, the dog engages in several kinds of jumping. The jumping exercise weighs the skills of a dog and how proficient the trainer is. The best teaching skills are required to produce a dog that will win like Max Polyakov’s Firefly.

i) Making your dog ready for a jumping competition

Max Polyakov suggested that before beginning any dog training, the dog owner must first check the health of the dog. Besides that, you need to also ensure that your dog is obedient and that it understands basic commands before you start training it for a jumping contest. Most dog owners train their dogs while they are very young and that is actually the perfect time for a dog to learn basic fundamental orders such as stay, come, sit and lie down. Such basics are useful when it comes to jumping training.

ii) Starting the jumping training exercise

Start by demonstrating to the dog how to jump. Jump along with your dog and encourage it to jump as high as it can. It is also recommended to use treats in this exercise. Hold treats high above the ground to force the dog to jump higher and higher. Max Polyakov says that a trainer is required to be patient during this exercise because for a dog to become a good jumper, it takes time.

The jumping training enhances the dog’s coordination, bodily health, endurance and it may also improve your dog’s behaviour.

Plywood and cinder blocks can form very nice jumping equipment and they should also be used in the training. As a dog becomes more confident, more cinder blocks can be added to increase the height and a dog will learn how to jump higher and higher each time.

When you are confident that the dog has mastered the jumping techniques, you can then go ahead and train it using a lake dock. The pole can be expanded using a fake bird or anything else that may allure the dog to jump higher.

The official state jumping competitions require dogs to jump a minimum distance of between eight inches and three feet. The jumping distance is normally determined by the size of the dog. The agility training should not be done for a competition alone. Whether dogs win like in state competitions like Max Polyakov’s Firefly or not, the benefits gotten from agility training make them winners.

d) Other dog competitions

1. Flyball

This competition entails racing and it involves a team of dogs. A dog from each team runs and jumps obstacles until they reach the flyball box. If a dog steps on a panel, the flyball box produces a tennis ball. The dog then takes back the ball above the obstacles to the person in charge and a new dog begins the process. The team that all its four dogs finish the exercise wins.

2. Canine agility

This sport takes place in a place with obstacles. A dog should be trained how to jump, move through a tunnel and navigate various paths in a certain manner. At every stage of this sport, a dog is guided by the owner. This exercise is a wonderful mental stimulator and only suitable for the strong dogs.

3. Disc competition

Here dog owners and dog groups take part in throwing a disc. Freestyle, distance routines and exactness are monitored. To win in this sport, the dog guider must throw the disc very far as possible and must do so in the correct manner. The dogs are taught to run and get the disc.

4. Dock jumping

In this contest, dogs leap from a dock into a place that contains water with the objective of getting a long distance. This competition is similar to long jump/high jump in human beings only that water is included in the dog competition.

In distance jumping, the guider throws an item above a dock making a dog jump as high as it can. The distance is calculated at the level where the tail of a dog gets in contact with the water.

5. Lure coursing

This contest got introduced to replace hare coursing. It entails running very fast and the dog runs after a faux lure instead of an animal that is alive. The dogs compete for the best time and barriers are included in the sport sometimes. This sport gives dogs a chance to act as per their intuition in a risk-free and humane way.

6. Tracking

The nose is the most superior sense in dogs. Tracking training requires dogs to smell and the exercise is the same as the search and rescue operations. Tracking tests the power of the dog and its readiness to hound a trail that people’s footsteps leave behind. The dogs together with their guiders enjoy a lot and succeeding in this sport can bring other opportunities. For instance, if a dog besides winning the tracking competition is agile, confident, strong, intelligent and patient, it can qualify to be a rescue dog.


Dog contests are quite many and they improve a dog’s mental and physical health. The most active dogs such as Max Polyakov’s Firefly are ideal for high performance sports like flyball and agility. All the other dogs (as long as they are fit) can join other competitions.