Max Polyakov’s Guideline on Gets Dogs Ready for Sports

Max Polyakov’s Guideline on Gets Dogs Ready for Sports

Check the dog’s health status

As per Max Polyakov, the first thing one should do is to make sure his/her dog’s health status checked by a veterinarian. It’s always dangerous to train an animal whose health status is unknown. That is so since in case it is sick; the coaching might worsen its condition. Again, an animal which is unwell is not likely to perform well in any sport.

Besides that, the veterinarian is the ideal person to advice on the kind of training or sport which animals are suited for. There many kinds of animal sports, some are suitable for adult dogs, some for the puppies, others for a certain species of pets and so forth.


When it gets to the actual coaching, Max Polyakov recommends coaching for just a few minutes when the exercise starts. That can prevent an animal from feeling bored. The coaching session duration may be increased when pets have gotten used to being coached.

Max Polyakov additionally recommends using coaching methods which suit the pets. So, whenever you feel that the animal is not responding well to your coaching style, change it. You should change as many times as it becomes necessary until you get what the animal is happy with. That is the best way you can achieve good results.

Max Polyakov additionally suggests that trainers must possess the necessary training skills. Do not coach an animal if you do not know how to handle it in various situations.

Examples of dog sports

Max Polyakov knows several sports that pats should be coached to take part in. The two main ones are:

  1. Agility
  2. In this one, the participants are led through many barriers using voice and signals. Some of the barriers in this competition are a crossover, a tunnel, and a seesaw. The accuracy and speed of the participants is what determines which dog wins.

  3. Jumping
  4. Max Polyakov advises that the only thing a trainer needs to keep doing when teaching animals how to jump is increasing the length that the animal jumps. He says as a trainer keeps complicating the exercise slowly, the dog will also keep gaining more and more strength to keep jumping higher each time.

Max Polyakov's Tips


That is what Max Polyakov recommends trainers to do in order to make dogs ready for state sports. Visit to read more about Max’s teachings and the other sports which animals may take part in.

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