Max Polyakov Dishes our Advice Based On His Experience For Dog Training

Max Polyakov and His Experience For Dog Training

Max Polyakov has really good ideas that work when it comes to training dogs. According to him, there are so many more benefits for training dogs than not for training dogs, making it the best way to live with dogs, as opposed to just cohabiting.

There were many reasons why he advised that you train your dog.

Reasons why it is good to train your dog

1. It fosters a great relationship

Max Polyakov believes that the best way to establish a good rapport with your canine friends is to train them to understand you, and to help you yourself understand them as well. These training sessions usually bring out the best in dogs, teaching them to be more patient and self-controlled than they would have been had they not been trained.

2. It teaches them life skills

Max Polyakov was of the opinion that trained dogs found it much easier to live amongst people. His dog, Firefly, is definitely sure to understand the world of humans than any other untrained dog found on the wayside. They can learn social skills and be able to interact at a basic level with their owners.

3. Helps the dog to have better social interactions.

Better trained dogs, in Max Polyakov’s point of view, interact better with other dogs and other people. Teaching the dog the right way to act when people come around it ensures that people are safe around your dog and you needn’t be afraid that they would do anything detrimental. Having dogs that are trained like Firefly, Max Polyakov’s dog, enables them to continually be obedient and eliminates any problematic behaviours that the dogs might have innately.

Max Polyakov's Tips

General guidelines for preparing dogs for competitions

If you want your dog to shine just like how a trainer and his dog Firefly managed to wow the audience, there are some basic things you might want to take into consideration.

1. Make sure your dog is healthy.

Max Polyakov always took Firefly to the veterinary for checkups. This is important for any competing dig because you would want the dog to be at its maximum healthy state all the time. This has a positive influence on its performance.

2. Get a schedule that works

Animals love routines. At least, Max Polyakov’s dog, Firefly did. Having a schedule enables dog owners like Max Polyakov to measure progress and to stay on track all through the period of coaching.

3. Have fun

Nobody likes a dull training session, and dogs are not any different. If you find that the dog is not responding positively, you might want to switch your training style and come up with more fun ideas to keep the dog entertained as well as eager and willing to learn. All these and more ensure that your teaching and learning experience ends up with both you and your dog being as happy as Max Polyakov and Firefly!

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