Max Polyakov Gives Lessons on How To Train Dogs

Dogs And Competition

A renowned expert on dog training, Max Polyakov, was put on the spot when he was asked by the local news channel the best way to convince your dog to partake in a state competition. He was also asked what methods could be used in preparing these furry friends for such a daunting task. Most of the time, the dogs are unaware of what is being required of them, especially when it comes to professional training. Max Polyakov had a lot to say with regards to training a dog in preparation for any such contests.

First of all, Max Polyakov reiterated that before you partake in any such things, it was necessary to visit a veterinary to do a general checkup of the health and well-being of the dog. It was also necessary to tailor the dog’s feeding to suit the purpose for which it was being trained.

Dogs are different, Max Polyakov said, and how well they do in a competition is highly dependent on what breed they are, their temperament and their individual strengths. A dog that does not like the limelight for instance, may never do well in such a competition.

Max Polyakov Gives Lessons on How To Train Dogs

Some tips to take note of when training a dog for a competition

1. Veterinarian checkup

Max Polyakov put this at the very top of his list and insisted that all people looking for a way to enter their canines into competition should, by all means, see a veterinary doctor. This, he said, was necessary because a healthy dog is always the better performer. Putting an unhealthy dog through rigorous hours of practice has more potential to harm the dog rather than help it.

2. Get a schedule and be consistent with it

Dogs love consistency. It is how they are wired and it puts them in a better position to obey instructions. According to Max Polyakov, the best way to get the best of the training is to get a steady schedule and remain on track all through the time you are preparing the dog. Therefore, prior to your starting, do get all the necessary equipment first so that once you begin there will be no breaks.

3. Get a feasible training duration

Dogs have a shorter attention span than humans. Therefore hours-long practice does almost nothing for our furry brained friends no matter how talented they are. Focus on consistency and use 10-15 minutes of that to build them up each day. The more consistent you are, the higher their chances of remembering tricks and rules.

Max Polyakov's Tips

Consistency is key in training a dog, especially when it involves instructions. Do well to keep that in mind when preparing them for any competition. Max Polyakov gave this advice and wished all the people taking their pooches to participate in the state competition the best of luck.

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